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How To Support Us

 Help Us Tell Our Stories

Our research on amphibians and reptiles uncovers new and exciting stories about their lives!

We share this information as much as we can with other scientists and our community, because we think it is so important to enhance our appreciation of the natural world and the value of conservation. But, it can be very challenging to fund our storytelling. If you would like to lend a hand, please get in touch about:​

  • Nature Documentaries: We go to some spectacular places and study fascinating creatures! Reach out if you would like to follow us with a camera into the wild. 

  • News/Radio/TV Interviews & Podcasts: We love talking about our research and the importance of conserving amphibians and reptiles!​

  • Outdoor Clothing & Equipment Companies: We use a lot of outdoor gear for our research. Consider sponsoring us and keep us comfortable in the field! We will put your gear to the test, contribute content for your brand, and acknowledge you everywhere!

We can accept donations at Mount Allison's donation webpage. Click on the button above. To make sure the donation is directed towards our research, in the 'I would like to direct my donation to:' dropdown menu select 'Other'. Then, specify the fund name to be 'Riley Lab'. 

Your kind donations will be used to directly fund our research that aims to better understand amphibians and reptiles and how to conserve them

Thank you!
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